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Logistics of Customer Acquisition?

You have the great ideas, impressive concepts and unwavering passion for expansion that can take your business to the next level. You’re excited about offering new products and services to deserving customers. But while you know your product has potential, you now face the challenge of connecting with the right target buyer audience, getting your message in front of them effectively, and making sure there is the right level of customer follow-up.

Having us handle these elements of outreach lets you focus on the core of your business. We deliver not only predictability of cost, but also real-world experts that are focused on furthering your business agenda. Simplify your business operations and procedures by letting us handle all your needs, under one roof.

We know how to run and manage all aspects of customer acquisition and retention. We handle the complicated mechanics of setting up systems, the production of digital and physical content, packaging, digital and physical content distribution, and an array of customer interaction types.

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Results Driven

Results Driven

We are obsessively focused on surpassing our customers needs. Time and time again, we have excelled at providing ‘white glove’ service even under the tightest of deadlines.

Proven Know How

Proven Know How

Today, USP is one of the most robust and able forces in the business world. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, it's easy to trust USP Fusion with all of your marketing, management, and fulfillment needs.



We really do it all. All of your business and customer acquisition requests and issues are handled by our in-house staff, so you can count on them to know your account personally. We also own the bulk of our production capabilities, including Printing, Packaging, Marketing and Fulfillment.

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CRM setup and ongoing maintenance

CRM setup and ongoing maintenance

Let us set up, manage, and integrate your CRM to maximize the tracking and closing of leads and opportunities. We can also help you retain and follow-up with customers via email, phone calls, and meetings.

  • Set up your own CRM system
  • Configure your system based on your unique requirements
  • Enter and maintain your CRM data
  • Manage initial and follow-up actions for your contacts
  • Integrate your CRM with your marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Provide scheduled and on-demand reports and updates
  • Build and provide analytics for better insight
ECommerce system and data maintenance

ECommerce system and data maintenance

Maximizing your e-Commerce potential with careful attention to managing your product listings, placement and advertising on Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy.

  • Develop product postings content and graphics
  • Maintain product listing (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify)
  • Setup and manage product advertising
  • Provide reports and analytics on sales performance
  • Respond to queries and respond to customer issues
Digital marketing campaign design and management

Digital marketing campaign design and management

Easily reach a wide and diverse audience for you products and services. We provide end-to-end support for building and running campaigns on all digital channels: Search, Social and eMail.

  • Blog, posts, email and video content development
  • Manage social media postings, email senders and web
  • Link campaigns to CRM system
  • Link campaigns to inbound customer call handling
  • Supplement campaigns with outbound call management
  • Link campaigns to analytics tools
  • Scheduled and on-demand reports and analysis
Physical marketing design, production and management

Physical marketing design, production and management

Stand out from your competitors with highly effective, customized printed material including large format items such as banners car wraps...Delight your customers with unique product packaging.

  • Traditional print product design and production
  • Direct mail design and variable data production and mailing
  • Large format (signs, wraps, displays…) product design and production
  • Custom boxes for products, promotionals, gifts and others
  • Promotional products design and production
Event marketing design, production and management

Event marketing design, production and management

Events are a highly visible, personal way of interacting with clients and prospects. We provide complete event support from designing booths to creating badges and everything in between.

  • Printed material design and production
  • Marketing material design and production
  • Back office processing of orders
  • CRM data maintenance
Inbound and outbound management

Inbound and outbound management

Design and execute marketing and other outbound live calls as well as support, customer service and other inbound live agent interaction.

  • Call script development
  • FAQ and Knowledge Base development
  • Voice, Chat and Web contact management
  • CRM record maintenance
  • Reporting and analytics

Why USPFusion?

We’re here for you: our clients. If you aren’t successful, neither are we. USPFusion is boldly dedicated to being the best- delivering the highest return on investment for our clients. How do we live our mission? Well, we’re daring. We’re not afraid to look reality in the face, speak the truth, or venture out of our comfort zone. We see challenges as opportunities for growth. We’re dedicated. Whatever it takes to grow your business, we’ll find a way to make it happen. Call us today!

Company Philosophy

At USP Fusion, we are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies grow by attracting new customers while doing more with your existing customers. Having started and ran a number of companies, our founders realized that the logistics of customer acquisition is a major hurdle for most business owners. In this hyper-competitive market reaching your target market in an effective way can be a major hurdle for many; even with great products, services or ideas. USP Fusion is your one-stop customer acquisition logistics partner.

USP Fusion is your one-stop customer acquisition logistics partner.

A Brief Look At Our History

  • 1989

    US Printing is born

    Three childhood friends set up a retail, walk-in print and copy center in Chino, California. Business soon takes off as word traveled about their design skills and fast service.

  • 1998

    Expansion of US Printing

    US Printing continues to grow and now has five locations across Southern California. Our customer base now includes major retail and media clients and our number of services continue to grow as we adapt to clients’ changing needs.

  • 2008

    USP Fulfillment is born

    In the midst of the Great Recession of 2008, we decided to double down and branch out. USP Fulfillment is created and carves a niche in the public speaking and seminar market, and via word-of-mouth we become to go-to company for many of the largest names in the US.

  • 2019

    Enter USP Fusion

    Seeing an opportunity to help small and medium sized businesses, USP creates a new entity to take our experience in sales and marketing to the next level by offering a diverse set of services focused on helping our clients maximize their growth investments.